Prototype of the DMIF-GEN database

Dear Member of DMIF-GEN, the following data base is only a prototype and not yet ready to use for storing scientific data. If you test this prototype, we are glad, if you'd mail us a short comment to

To open the encoded DMIF-GEN data base you need your data base password. You either get this from the Mailing List or if you write a short mail to containing the following information: Your full name, your institutes address, your Partner-nr. or your nr. asInterlaboratory study Participant, name and nr. of your work package and theofficial contact person of your institute regarding to the DMIF-GEN project.

Thank you for your comment!

The DMIF-GEN data base group (Work package 4)

Download a prototype of the DMIF-GEN database!
(To download the data base please click on the links "DMIF-GEN.mdb" and "readme.txt" and save these files in a temporary folder (e. g. C:/Temp) or elsewhere.)

dmif-gen1.0.mdb; 1.346 Mb
Readme.txt; 4 Kb

DMIF-GEN project
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18. October 1997