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Development of Methods to identify Foods produced by means of Genetic Engineering

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The DMIF-GEN project contains 4 work packages (and 12 sub-packages):
Work package 1
Identification by PCR and hybridisation
Work package 1.1: DNA Extraction
Work package 1.2: Primer and Probes, PCR and Hybridisation
Work package 1.3: Interlaboratory Studies
Work package 2
Increase efficiency of routine analysis
Work package 2.1: Marker Genes
Work package 2.2: Multiplex PCR
Work package 2.3: Simplified Assays
Work package 2.4: ELISA, Immunosensor
Work package 3
Alternative approaches to PCR
Work package 3.1: Direct Hybridisation
Work package 3.2.1: NASBA and 3SR
Work package 3.2.2: Protein Diagnostic Methods
Work package 3.3: AFLP
Work package 4
DMIF-GEN data base
Work package 4: The DMIF-GEN data base
Proceeding of the WP4 presentation at the 4th and final DMIF-GEN meeting in Lisbon 1999
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DMIF-GEN project
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